Born in France in 1997, Ryan Pellegrini is an image director, photographer & artistic director based on planet Earth. 

His poignant & intimate work is not only about creating beautiful images; but also to offer us a new lens, both on what we know and what we don’t. It creates the type of intimacy that can only be birthed through profound curiosity, using a kind of fearlessness that we affiliate with innocence. As a result, his work is unpretentious, but not naive.

Ryan Pellegrini likes to base his work on details & identity.

That's the reason why he founded the association PHOTOGRAPHERS' IMAGES : "Our goal is to diversify the images taken by photographers that we think are talented in their visions."

After studying economics at the University of Aix-Marseille, he decided to convert to the art world by taking a photography course at MoMA. It was in may 2019, at the cannes festival where Pellegrini was introduced to Virgil Abloh & where everything started.

Pellegrini is skilled in the fields of photography, artistic direction & consumer psychology with an interest in arts, design, culture & mainly fashion. His influences are based on people he studied very closely: Hedi Slimane, JM Basquiat & Le Corbusier.

Ryan Pellegrini can currently be found in France or online, globally. When he isn’t questioning everything, he is collaborating with a range of incredible brands & labels, here's a bunch of them in no particular order:

Off-White, Casablanca, Universal Music, Base Models, Virgil Abloh, A$AP ROCKY, Mucem Marseille, Lil Yachty, Matthew Williams (1017 ALYX 9SM) Nike, Vibram, Outlander Magazine, 16Arlington, McLaren Automotive, Wilhelmina Models, Lotta Volkova (VETEMENTS), Select Models, House of Errors, Playboi Carti.